A Geeky Girl’s Guide to Paris

Ah Paris, the city of love, home of the Mona Lisa and where you can eat as many crepes as you can stuff into your face. I headed over there in 2006 and I have to say it hasn’t been my favourite city to visit, although I do plan to head back one day and give it a second chance, however I do have some tips if you do decide to head on over to Gay Parie.

– If you are travelling from the UK just take the Eurostar, it is so much easier and far less stressful, take some time to also check out the recently updated St. Pancras Station – it is delightful.

– Paris can easily be done in a weekend, but make sure you plan out everything you want to see and check it is open!

– Do the most touristy thing ever and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you get great views over the city and for a few moments you can pretend you are in Superman II. Also make sure you check out the light show of an evening.

– Go to Parc de Belleville for great views of the city – best viewed just as the sun is setting.

– Have a wander down the Champs Elyees and look at all the high end fashion shops (ladies make a small purchase in Chanel – when in Rome etc.) and take in the Arc de Triomphe and the crazy traffic lanes that surround it!

– Go and see the Mona Lisa at The Louvre although she is smaller than you may think. Also make time to say hello to the Venus de Milo – she is absolutely stunning and very impressive to see in person.

If you can’t quite stretch to seeing a show at the Moulin Rogue (it is very expensive!), take a look at the fancy outside and belt out a bit of “Come What May”.

My favourite thing to do however was walk to the top of Norte Dame. The cathedral itself is impressive but at the top you get to see up close and personal the gargoyles that guard the city. They all have their own character so give them plenty of time.

– Although I would never fancy snails or frogs legs I can heartily recommend Nutella Crepes as source of substance while hitting the streets.

– Paris is a very expensive city so make sure you think ahead budget wise, when we went we easily paid £3 for a coke – outrageous!

– Ride the Paris Metro for the door opening system alone – it is an eye opener for anybody used to the London Tube System.

As always enjoy yourself and bon voyage!

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