Mummy’s Gin Fund Blog – ‘Terrorist’ London with a Child

I’m living in ‘Terrorist’ London with a Child. The world seems to be an especially dark and scary place at the moment. Each time we turn on our televisions more and more bad news seems to be occurring and as parents our first instinct is to worry about what environment we are bringing our children up in and living in Central London, this more than ever seems front and centre in our thoughts.

My heart breaks each time I hear about what seems to be a never-ending barrage of terrorist attacks on the city, a city that I love and adore to my bones, the place that I was born, the place I have chosen to stay and create a family in, a place I will defend until there are no more ears to deafen. But, recently I’ve felt another emotion: pure, white, raging anger as these cowards brought their evil to my doorstep.

Read the full article here…

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