Den of Geek Feature – Party of Five: Revisiting a 90s Teen Favourite

In each generation, there will be one. One of those shows that mixes drama, tragedy and humour. That can make you chuckle one minute and break your heart the next.

Starting in the 80s with Thirtysomething, later in the 00s with Parenthood and now with the juggernaut that is This Is Us winning praise, it seems the genre is firmly here to stay, but there is another show that quietly made its way onto the screen in the 90s that not only built on the foundations laid by Thirtysomething, but has been a quiet and steadfast influence ever since.

When Party Of Five hit the airwaves in 1994, it was a bit of a filler show. Fox had wanted something that could be a possible replacement for Beverly Hills 90210, whose ratings had fallen since moving the characters from high school to college, and initial thoughts were for it to be a bit of light-hearted drama, focusing on what kind of mischief a group of kids could get up to without any parents around (oddly enough the parents were also meant to be deceased which would make for odd viewing in this context).

Read the full article here…

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